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Restaurant in Vilnius

Vanille Lounge

Passion for good taste

Vanille Lounge


“Vanille Lounge” – is a business class restaurant-bar in the center of Vilnius, in Vilnius street. Its a placewhere business class customers can enjoy the quality of meal, relax and spend pleasant time till late.

The restaurants interior reflects exceptional taste, luxury and ease. Warm gentle vanilla and earthly shades create a cozy atmosphere. The main interior object – the bar has been created from luxurious luminous onyx stone.

The restaurant pays particular attention to food quality. The dishes are made from highest quality ingredients bought from local farmers. We offer an exceptional and worldwide recognized range of beverages and champagne, which is our exclusivity comparing to other Lithuanian bars.




cigar room

The restaurant “Vanille Lounge” is proud to be able to offer an exclusive cigar room, which is always open for restaurant’s guests who like to relax with a glass of whiskey and a good cigar in the hand. Cigar smoke fans can choose not only from carefully selected exceptional cigars, but also a wide range of cognacs, malted whiskeys, rare rums, calvadoses or others well known best drinks in the world.



from Europe

The restaurant “Vanilla Lounge” introducing modern seasonal european cuisine, without forgetting the classics. We seek to combine the classical european cuisine, English food traditions, seasonal and the highest quality, revealing the actual products taste and modern young kitchen šefų approach to food.




When creating a la carte menus have been pushing carefully from the farmers and suppliers for the quality of the selected products and crafted selection of dishes ingredients and the production – to highlight the natural their taste.


As a result, every morning in our kitchen by the smell of freshly kepamomis rolls, which guests provide recipes to our freshly produced soups and salads. All the soups are prepared in the natural, our own long verdamų broths framework. Sauces salads, snacks and main dishes prepare themselves, as well as produce home-made čatnį. We follow the seasonality of the principle and its guests to offer only the best.

Appreciate the exclusive quality and real food taste, so your guests provide recipes only fresh handmade pasta produced from durum wheat flour and eggs. Australišką marmurinę beef brandiname themselves while in the restaurant kitchen room rūkome not just fish – try the snack with buffalo milk mozzarella, basil pesto and tomato kapotiniu, which the bright flavor gives our own smoked olive oil.

In the kitchen we use only the highest quality and the exceptional spices and foliage: Himalayan salt, simple and smoked sea salt crystals, micro foliage. Dishes gardiname in the world above Italian olive oils. We are sure that our guests pay particular attention to the dishes šviežumui, seasonal ingredients and marked by slow eating pleasure.





Table reservation

We accept customer bookings for lunch and dinner. To reserve a table, contact us at +370 603 61 532 or by email

Bar space is not bookable- we always leave this space for guests who have not been able to make reservations in advance.

Private events and catering

Are you planning a birthday, wedding or other special celebration? Our restaurant team can help you organize your party in a private space and take care of every important detail. We prepare drinks and dishes according to clients’ needs and wishes. We can also cater for larger groups of people, corporate events and banquets.


Working hours:

  • IV 19:00 – 02:00
  • V 19:00 – 06:00
  • VI 19:00 – 06:00