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Choose the Vanille Lounge restaurant and our experienced event staff for your party or event.






The restaurant is spacious, with up to 60 seats, depending on the layout, and can seat up to 100 people in total. The restaurant’s chefs are professional and can produce dishes that leave no one indifferent.
The private Vanille Lounge is the ideal venue for a wide range of events: weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, special parties, large (and not only) family celebrations, and family reunions. Both the venue and the hall are ideal for a variety of meetings, business events and conferences.


Vanille Lounge


Vanille Loung is proud to offer contemporary seasonal European cuisine without forgetting the classics.

Our chefs try to combine classic European cuisine, Lithuanian food traditions and seasonality. Special attention is paid to the quality of the food, using the highest quality ingredients sourced from farmers and a range of world-renowned drinks and champagnes.

We can also prepare and serve all drinks and dishes according to your individual needs and preferences.




The best way to make your venue stand out is with the right choice of decor, tables and lighting.

The Vanille Lounge’s interior has a distinctive taste and a cosy feel, with a colour palette dominated by warm and soft vanilla and earthy tones.

It’s a pleasant and cosy space to be in, and easy to change when needed, incorporating and combining desired colours and exclusive decor elements.

The Vanille Lounge staff is ready to prepare the room to match the client’s event, and to decorate the table in a way that makes it look both elegant and stylish, with a touch of luxury.

The Vanille Lounge is not only equipped with a projector, but also with a good sound system and concert equipment. There is enough space in the restaurant hall to accommodate at least a small dance floor or a place for event hosts and a live concert.

“The Vanille Lounge team has not neglected other technical features: a discreet, completely separate space; a separate toilet room; a new large cigar room – a unique place with a touch of luxury, offering cigars and exclusive drinks; a separate bar.

From the bar and the unique cigar room, you can admire the Gediminas Castle and the beautiful panorama of Vilnius streets. The restaurant’s location in the centre of Vilnius is not only convenient, but also very special, and very attractive to locals and visitors alike. To make your celebration or event unforgettable!

Contacts Room For Events

Contacts Room For Events

Table reservation

We take reservations for lunch and dinner. Reserve a table by contacting us phone: +370 (602) 22 454 or e-mail:

The bar may not be reserved – it is intended for guests who are unable to reserve a table beforehand.

Private events and catering

Are you planning a birthday, wedding or some other special occasion? Our team is ready to organize your celebration in a private space and to take care of the catering. We are always eager to prepare drinks and meals according to the requests and needs of our clients. We can also cater for large groups, business events and banquets.











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